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My current body of work seeks to question and reflect about different aspects of life and relationships between individuals and with the whole from a post and transhumanist perspective. I am particularly interested in the research of the ways in which we create knowledge and experiences in a hyperconnected world, mediated by social networks, artificial intelligence and algorithms that influence our decisions. Following a visual poetry free of prejudice, I seek to establish links between the creative processes of contemporary visual arts and philosophy. Between 2019 and 2020 I participated in an artists-in-residence program at Chronus Art Center (CAC) in Shanghai, China, a space that inspired me to deepen my interest in the transdisciplinary relationships between art, technology and philosophy. Since then, my line of research and artistic production has revolved around promoting these mutual enrichments between these fields of knowledge.


".NET" alludes to spaces that contain, connect and trap. In addition to being an extension of domains intended mainly for computer resources, ".NET" refers to connection networks, as well as other concepts that are of interest to this process, such as "clear-cut", "sharp" or "clean". With a certain perspective abstraction, and from a distance, the essence of the connection nodes in which we live and transit as physical and digital individuals becomes indistinguishable. The roads in the city or the connections on the motherboard?



M. Carolina Fontana, 2023

*.NET is made up of a series of contrasting images of high-rise urban environments and digital circuits inspired by experiences during my residence in metropolises and cities (Shanghai, Paris, Montevideo and Punta del Este) and the sudden acceleration of digital connections during the pandemic.

Oil on canvas 80x100 cm and 100x150 cm

The .net series was exhibited at the Iturria Foundation, Montevideo, Uruguay, in 2023. In addition to the exhibition, a round table on art-philosophy-technology was held: "Between the human and the non-human: where are we connecting from? ?" in which agents of contemporary art, technology and philosophy participated in an open debate (the artist Pau Delgado Iglesias, the engineer Rosana García, the artist and master in contemporary philosophy Claudia Mauttoni and the artist M. Carolina Fontana)

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