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They made me believe

Name: “Dissociations” from the series “They made me believe” (2017-2018)


The work is composed by the representation of a young female body (1: 1 scale), made by molding a metal mesh, but with separate parts and in a position that denotes vulnerability. In turn, the material allows us to see through the form, which increases the vulnerable state that the non-conception of unity can bring.

The imposed dissociation of bodies, the idea of "divide and reign" that prevails in the very body of individuals to break their unity.

The social and economic model is expressed in the human body, which is, finally, its last and first instrument. In the end, the body is nothing more than an instrument, trained and disciplined, modeled by its function. The body under a mechanism of power that explores, dismantles and recomposes it.

(Foucault, 1975: 141).

Description: Installation with metal mesh hanging sculpture measures: 1.6 x 0.85 x 1.3 m, (1: 1 human scale reproduction) with audiovisual projection (* typed textt) on the structure itself and that crosses it until it is also projected on the wall.

*Typed text:

They made me believe that I am a set of dissociated parts,

that I have a head that thinks, and that has eyes that see, ears that listen and a mouth that speaks.

They made me believe that I have arms that work, that I have hands that create ...

that I have legs that take me and feet that support everything...

No ... I do not have this, I am not a lot of dissociated parts, I am not divisions. I am unity.

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